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Dislocated Joints Talk With A Lawyer

dislocated-joint-from-accidentEvery year, thousands of injury crashes occur on North Carolina’s highways and roads. Dislocations are commonly sustained in car accidents. A dislocated joint injury occurs when the bones are forced out of their regular positions.

Some joints that are often injured include elbows, shoulders, knees, thumbs, ankles and hips. The most common joint to be injured by adults is the shoulder. On the other hand, kids are most likely to dislocate their elbows.

If you or a family member has sustained a dislocated joint injury in an auto accident, you may be eligible to seek legal action against the negligent party. Contact a Greensboro car accident attorney today to learn about the legal rights available to injury victims.

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Dislocation Symptoms

A dislocated joint injury can be life-threatening to the accident victim. An individual may have suffered a dislocation during a car accident, if he/she has any of the symptoms listed below:

  • There is swelling or bruising over the joint
  • Intense pain, especially if the joint is moved or weight is put on it
  • Numbness or tingling at the joint
  • The joint is visibly out of place, discolored, or misshapen

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What to do After a Dislocation

If someone has dislocated a joint during a car collision, follow the steps below:

  • Don’t delay getting medical attention, dislocations are severe injuries.
  • If the dislocation is serious, call 911.
  • Do not move the accident victim if their head, back, or leg has been injured.
  • If possible, splint the dislocated joint. Do not try to reposition the joint yourself; this could damage the blood vessels, muscles and ligaments.
  • Put ice on the dislocated joint injury; this will reduce the swelling of the injury.
  • Try to keep the injured person calm while you two wait for medical assistance.

Treatment for Dislocated Joints

The type of medical treatment that a doctor prescribes will depend on the joint injured and the severity. Common treatments for dislocations include:


During this process, the doctor will try some simple maneuvers to put the joints back in the right position. If the pain and swelling are severe, the accident victim may receive local anesthetic.


After the joints have been realigned, the doctor may immobilize the joint with a splint or sling for several weeks. How long the splint is worn will depend on the severity of the injury.

Pain medication

Typically, the pain will subside after the reduction process. However, if the patient is still experiencing pain and discomfort a doctor may prescribe a pain killer or a muscle relaxer.


Patients may require surgery if the blood vessels or the nerves have been damaged. Also, if a doctor cannot reposition the joint the patient will need surgery to fix the dislocation.

Physical Therapy

Once the splint or sling has been removed, the patient will begin a gradual rehabilitation program to rebuild the joint’s range of motion and strength.

In severe cases, the dislocated joint injury may take several months to heal.

Greensboro Car Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered a dislocation from a car accident, you may be able to recover damages from the accident. Accident victims may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

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