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hands-on-the-wheel-editWith more than 9 million police-reported motor vehicle accidents occurring in the United States in 2010 (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), it’s important for North Carolina motorists to understand that many of these collisions can avoided by utilizing effective defensive driving techniques.

Defensive driving is a set of skills that allows motorists to protect themselves from inattentive motorists, drunken drivers, inclement weather and other factors on our roads that may present an unexpected hazardous situation.

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Easy Defensive Driving Tips

While there are a number of advanced driver classes that motorists can take – many of which are designed to help drivers at all skill levels – there are some common and easy pointers that everyday motorists can use, that may help them avoid a serious collision.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • Do Not Make Assumptions about Other Motorists – a driver should never leave his or her fate up to another person. Assume that other motorists will roll through stop signs, run red lights and violate other North Carolina traffic laws. When you anticipate the worst case scenario, you will be ready to take action if needed.
  • Be Alert – outside of obeying traffic laws, motorists should anticipate any potential dangers and stay focused on the road. You should always be prepared to stop suddenly or make a quick maneuver. Check your side view and rearview mirrors frequently, to see if any vehicles are entering the highway.
  • Avoid Internal Distractions – anything that takes the motorist’s focus off of driving is considered to be a distraction. Some common distractions for drivers include using your cell phone, eating or playing with the radio knobs while driving. You should learn how to use your car stereo without taking your eyes of the roadway. The NHTSA reports that 400,000 people were injured in traffic crashes in 2009 due to distracted driving.
  • Signal Your Intentions – other motorists have no idea what you are going to do unless you notify them. Always signal early on turns and lane changes. Signaling your intentions can prevent you from being rear-ended.
  • Always Wear a Seat Belt – Individuals should wear their seat belts at all times, whether they are driving or they are passenger in the vehicle. Studies have shown that wearing your seat belt increases your odds of surviving an auto accident. According to the NHTSA, wearing a lap/shoulder belt decreases your odds of being fatally injured by 45 percent.
  • Keep a Safe Distance – North Carolina drivers should use the two second rule while driving in good weather and steady traffic. The two second rule refers to the amount of distance you should keep between you and the motor vehicle traveling in front of you. Drivers should stay a minimum of two seconds behind the vehicle driving in front of them. You can check your distance by watching the vehicle in front of you pass a fixed point. If you drive pass that point in less than two seconds, you are driving too close to the car in front of yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE – “Tailgating” another motor vehicle also greatly increases the chances of being in a rear-end collision. When traveling on a highway, it’s wise for motorists to increase their safety-distance from two to four seconds while additionally, drivers should also increase their distance when driving at night, during adverse weather conditions, or traveling behind a large truck or motorcycle.

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