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corneal-abrasion-injury-attorneyA corneal abrasion is generally defined as a type of eye injury that involves damage to the clear, front layer of the eye (the cornea). This often occurs due to the cornea being scratched, scraped or worn off due to an injury or a foreign substance actually hitting the eye.

In many auto accidents and other situations where a personal injury can result, damage to the eye can often create life-changing consequences for the injury victims – which may include extensive optical examination by a medical practitioner, medication to treat the injury and lost wages due to not being able to perform tasks in the work environment.

If you or someone you love have suffered a corneal abrasion due to the negligence of another person or defective item, the injury victim may be eligible to receive compensation for those injuries.

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Common Causes Of Corneal Abrasions

Due to the delicate design of the cornea, it is quite easy for accident victims to sustain a painful corneal injury in the event of a collision.

Some common causes of corneal abrasion injuries include:

  • glass fragments
  • metal filings
  • blunt trauma
  • dirt particles
  • defective contact lenses

…. Just to name a few.

While there can be other factors that can causes an abrasion injury, during an auto accident it’s common for debris from the crash to enter the cabin of the vehicles involved, and potentially enter the eye at any point during or after the collision.

Treatment Options

It’s important to note that while most corneal abrasion injuries are not permanent, there are some instances when long-term damage can occur.

With this is in mind, some common treatment options may include:

  • Removal of the foreign object that caused / is causing the abrasion
  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Antibiotic topical cream
  • Pain management medicine (in extreme cases)
  • Wearing an eye patch
  • Using a moist compress to relieve pain
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses
  • Avoid rubbing the affected area

In most cases, the medical staff that are addressing a patient’s injury will generally advise what course of treatment will be taken.

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Corneal abrasions can be an uncomfortable type of injury that often involves multiple trips to the doctor and optometrists’ office, along with the associated costs for treatment and medication.

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