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bad-road-causesApproximately half of all roads in the United States are in bad condition, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation. Bad roads are more prevalent in urban areas of the country.

Bad road conditions are contributing factor in a number of auto accidents in the U.S. If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle crash that was caused by bad road conditions, you may be eligible for legal and financial recourse. Contact a Winston-Salem car accident lawyer today to discuss your legal options.

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Types of Bad Roads

At times, vehicle crashes are unavoidable. Traffic accidents in congested areas can occur from unforeseen events. One of the best ways to avoid a collision is by defensive driving. However, even defensive driving may not be able to prevent a vehicle crash that is caused by poor road conditions.

Listed below are some common bad road conditions in North Carolina:

  • Potholes –Many motor vehicle accidents are caused by missing chunks of blacktop or asphalt on the street. Potholes are not always visible until a driver comes right up on them. Drivers should notify their local government when they discover a pothole.
  • Ice Patches – Ice patches can form even when there is no snow or ice present; they typically form in isolated areas on the road. Motorists should drive carefully in winter weather conditions, in order to avoid ice patches.
  • Shoulder Drop-Off- If the shoulder of the road sits two inches or more under the road’s surface, a drop-off region exists that can pose a serious danger to motorists.
  • Oil and Chip- Workers will often use oil and chip to temporarily fix a damaged road. However, roads can become slick if they are left on for a long period of time.
  • Construction Work Zones- Due to the uneven pavement and their shifting lanes, construction zones can be very dangerous for drivers. It’s imperative that drivers follow any construction signs or warnings that are on the road.
  • Slick Roads- Hydroplaning can occur on slick roads, which can cause the driver to collide into a fixed object or another vehicle. Drivers should be on the lookout for any “Slippery When Wet” signs, which can alert them of hazardous conditions.

If drivers are aware of the dangers of bad roads, then they will know how to react when they are faced with poor road conditions.

Winston-Salem Car Accident Lawyers

Oftentimes, North Carolina vehicle crashes are life-altering event for all parties involved. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and property damage.

At Lewis & Keller, we have the knowledge and resources to successfully handle any type of auto accident claim. Our staff can thoroughly investigate the crash and pinpoint the cause of the collision. Once we determine the causes of the accident, we will hold the responsible parties accountable for the damages.

Our law firm provides legal services to residents in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and the surrounding cities.

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