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Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States among the ages of five years to 34 years old. Whether operating a car, truck, or motorcycle, the roadways and highways present an elevated level of danger and potential injury.

In a study issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 2.24 million injuries occurred in 2010 alone – with most of them attributed to motor vehicle crashes. In fact, an auto accident occurs every 14 seconds in the United States. More specifically, auto accidents in North Carolina accounted for 968 fatalities in 2010.

This Resource Center has been created to be a class-leading resource for N.C car, truck, and motorcycle accident information. At Lewis & Keller, we are committed to providing accurate, useful information in regards to a variety of topics related to auto accidents and auto injury lawsuits.

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Passenger Vehicle Collision Information

Do Not Cross ThumbnailFrom 2009 to 2010, the number of car crashes in our state increased by 3%. Depending upon the nature and type of auto collision, both victim injuries and property damage can be rather severe. In fact, in 2010, there were a staggering 1,319 traffic fatalities that occurred in North Carolina alone.

Keeping this in mind, by understanding things like the causes of auto accidents, traffic areas for caution throughout our great state and other related topics, we hope to help equip drivers with some additional knowledge that may help them avoid a potentially dangerous situation in the future.

Some topics that we cover are:

What To Do After An Auto Accident
Types Of Car Crashes
Collision Insurance FAQ
Common Causes Of Car Wrecks
Automotive Accident Law
Property Damage
High Speed Crashes
Avoiding Driver Fatigue
Vehicle Preparation Tips
Texting & Driving Statistics
DUI Information
Defensive Driving Techniques

N.C Truck Driver Facts

In the United States, a person is either injured or killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes. With such an alarming rate of 18 wheeler wrecks, drivers must have a well-rounded knowledge base involving large trucks on the roadways and highways. We also strongly believe that an educated driver is a safe driver.

The links below provide additional information regarding North Carolina truck accidents:

Truck Driver Errors
Driver Safety Tips
Driver Fatigue Information
Types Of Truck Accidents
Trailer Jackknife Statistics
Causes Of Rollovers

Motorcycle Accident Help Desk

By comparison to both truck and passenger vehicle collisions, unfortunately most motorcycle accident fatalities occur at a higher rate per unit of distance traveled. Recently released statistics have indicated that in 2010, motorcycle deaths reached 191 cases in our state of North Carolina alone.

Other related statistics also support the claim that motorcyclists are 18 times more likely to be involved in a fatal incident, when compared to any other type of driver. With this in mind, please find listed below some additional tips and information to help our motorcyclists stay safe on our roads:

Motorcycle Crashes
Accident Injuries
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